Process teknik

As a fundamental concept, Sørig Group I/S approach all projects with a flexible attitude. In our experience, this provides the best results and the happiest customers. Thanks to our flexible approach we pay particular attention to the individual wishes and needs of our customers.

Our many years in this industry have allowed us to build extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of our work, from the more conventional PLC and micro-PLC systems to soft-PLC from leading brands. This has provided us with the know-how and qualifications required to address the issues a company is facing.

Much of our attention is focused on automation and the resulting challenges – we specialize in the development of software as well as control and SCADA systems.

This allows Sørig Group I/S to work according to a lumpsum contract basis or a unit price contract basis, we either act as main contractor or sub-contractor, or we can be that extra pair of hands you need for a short or long period of time.

To resolve any queries about our process technology solutions, please send an e-mail to, or call us at +45 96 54 05 40. We are always prepared to discuss your process technology wishes and needs with you – no strings attached.


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